The Advanced Copies Are Out—Reviews Are Coming In!


The ARCs (Advanced Review Copies) of The Antiquities Hunter have gone out to other mystery and crime writers and reviewers and I got a look at some of the reviews that are posted on the Pegasus website.


Here’s one….

“Bohnhoff’s The Antiquities Hunter is a wild, breathless ride, a true pager turner. The plot alone, although full of exciting and unexpected turns, isn’t what makes it so compelling. Rather, it’s the energy, humor, and no-nonsense of its lead detective, Gina “Tink” Miyoko, an absolute original, that grounds the story, pulls us in, and makes us care.” —John Copenhaver, author of Dodging and Burning

And here’s another….

“A witty and thoroughly engaging page-turner that would make Lara Croft’s head spin. Gina Miyoko is a unique, sassy and very welcome addition to the top rank of fictional private eyes.” — Zoë Sharp, author of the Charlie Fox thriller series

YESSSSSSS! (as they say in the olde countrie)

Counting down to October!

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