Just Playing Around with WordPress

GS GuitarSo, here I am down in Palmdale while Gerry Tyra and Jeff build sound treatments for our studio which we will install next weekend after Thanksgiving.

We have three shiny new web domains for Mystic Fig Studios, Jeff & Maya and Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff, the writer. I am the Geek Squad for them (also part of the GS for Book View Cafe, and for Common Ground Group) so this, my new website/blog site, becomes the test platform for the other sites.

In the future, I’ll be porting content over from my wordpress,com site so if you see repeats of posts I’ve done before fear not, I have not developed memory loss, I’m just playing with apps.

Take this brief blog. It is a test of the Facebook app that publishes WordPress content to Facebook pages.

Here goes nothing . . .

Hello world! Maya’s new site is under construction.


Happiness is a warm Jack o’ Lantern

This is the official blog of Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff—Bahá’í, writer, editor, musician, general misfit, child of Ray Bradbury and Star Trek, lover of baseball, magical realism, Dr. Who, the month of October and Jack’o’Lanterns (which make me very, very happy).

This is where I post things that mean something (cue mashed potatoes.)