My design motto: Remember, she who dies with the most fonts, wins!

In addition to writing and editing, I also design book covers. In the gallery below, I showcase designs for covers of all genres: science fiction, fantasy, mainstream, steampunk, mystery and everything in between. I design eBook, audiobook and print.

I have a large library of images and fonts and am not afraid to use them. I use a combination of existing images (whether from my source or purchased or provided by you, dear client) and digital editing processes to produce a cover that reflects your story and branding.

I usually build a cover in stages or approval milestones:

1) Your approval of basic design ideas for the book or series.
2) Your approval of the final covers.


eBook or audiobook: $100

Paperback: $150

Hardback: $200

I discount if you need more than one type of cover. For example, I would do both eBook and paperback covers for $200 and all of the above for $250. The eBook price covers a variety of sizes and resolutions for your use in ads, catalogues, websites and other promotions.

Some of the designs below required only image placement, font selection and text layout. Others required layering of diverse graphic elements to create a complete image. I’ve included multiple books from the same series so you can see how I handle “branding”. You can contact me at

By the way, if the titles look interesting, most of them are available from Book View Cafe’s eBookstore.

2 thoughts on “Book Cover Design”

  1. Maya,
    Recently I was fortunate enough to to get a hardcover copy of “The Last Jedi” that Michael had signed before his passing. I only knew him as a fan of his work, but was always so impressed with his writing. I was wondering if it might be possible to send this book to you to be signed as well? It would mean so much if that was something that you would be open to.

    1. Sorry it’s taken me so long to see your comment. Yikes. If you’re still out there, I’d be honored to sign the book. Michael was the best Jedi Master this Padawan could have wished for.

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