Whence Gina Miyoko?


Before I had quite finished writing the manuscript that became THE ANTIQUITIES HUNTER (Pegasus Crime 2018), I penned detective Gina Miyoko’s genesis story, Tinkerbell on Walkabout, and posted it as a novelette on Book View Cafe.

Some of Gina’s backstory changed in the writing of the novel, so I reworked parts of the novelette, re-imagined the cover to be more in line with the one Pegasus gave to the novel and re-released it in anticipation of THE ANTIQUITIES HUNTER’s trade paperback release in February.

The novel is also available in eBook format from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks and just about any other online outlet.

If you want to know how Gina “Tinkerbell” Miyoko came to be a private eye, Tinkerbell on Walkabout (also available from Amazon), is my telling of that harrowing tale.

I’ll let you in on a secret: The original working title of my Gina novel was TINKERBELL AND THE FOURTH GOD FROM THE LEFT, which is a reference to an important work of ancient art Gina comes across in her adventure down among the Mayan ruins. Yeah, I can totally see how hard that would be to squeeze onto the cover of a book.

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