Gina Miyoko, P.I.: Gina’s Gun


Like many private detectives, Gina ”Tinkerbell” Miyoko carries a gun and is well-prepared to do so. Her favorite is a Titanium Taurus .357 Magnum (Model 617) in a delightful shade called “bright spectrum blue.” This nifty little revolver has a two inch barrel and fits neatly into Gina’s specially constructed fanny pack. It has a seven chamber cylinder (meaning it fires seven bullets).

The model has been discontinued, which makes it seem even more special. Possibly, Gina thinks, even special enough to name.

She’s taking suggestions.

Gina has a Level III Concealed Carry License, a black belt in the Hung Gar discipline of kung fu, a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, and is a graduate of the Diamond Heights Police Academy. She spent three years on the San Francisco PD before resigning for Reasons.

What reasons, you may ask? You’ll have to read THE ANTIQUITIES HUNTER to find out.

In weeks to come, I’ll post more tidbits about Gina Miyoko, PI.

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