Gina S. Miyoko, P.I.


She’s five-foot-two, gamine, and weighs ninety-four pounds in a soggy trench coat. The nickname “Tinkerbell” has followed her from high school. It’s hard to imagine her riding a Harley named Boris, or packing a baby blue .357 Magnum. She does both. She’s Gina Miyoko, private eye.

After a disastrous engagement, quitting the San Francisco police force, and going walkabout in Gold Rush country, Gina has opened her own detective agency. Her usual cases involve suspicious spouses and worker’s comp fraud, but when her best friend, Rose, picks up a stalker, she hires Gina to help her figure out who he works for. Both women quickly realize that Rose’s work as an undercover agent for the National Park Service is far more dangerous than they knew. The stalker is connected to a black market antiquities case Rose is investigating—and he’s more than a stalker; he’s a hit man. 

When Rose is gravely injured in a murder attempt, Gina takes her place in an antiquities sting operation south of the border, and finds herself in a Mayan ruin deep in the wilds of Chiapas, pursued by a man she had come to believe was a friend.   


In months to come, I’m going to post little tidbits about Tink on my blog, so please stay tuned!

Oh, and that interesting image accompanying this post? That’s Gina’s secret tattoo. You can read all about it in my first Gina Miyoko Mystery—THE ANTIQUITIES HUNTER.


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