I’ve got words (and fonts) and I’m not afraid to use them.

My Ideal Client . . . .

My ideal client is someone who:

1) has an idea they want to see in story form (ghostwriting).

2) has a novel or story they want edited (editing).

3) either of the above and wants to learn the craft of writing (developmental editing).

4) has a book (electronic and/or print) that they need a cover for (see my cover design page).

This client would understand that my talent, skill and time are valuable and be happy to pay a fair price for same. And they would understand that the client / service provider relationship thrives on the same qualities that a friendship does: trust and trustworthiness.


I’ve been ghosting for over ten years, in addition to writing under my own byline. I do both fiction and non-fiction (memoirs, etc.), prose and screenwriting. I’m comfortable with any length—short fiction to novel length. I’m also well-versed in what lengths are preferred in various genre markets.

My ghost projects have sold to major New York publishers.

$50 / Hour or length-based fee to be negotiated.

Mentoring / Developmental Editing

Have you written a short story or novel, know it needs work, but don’t know where to get help? I can help you learn the craft of writing while editing your work for publication.

I am a New York Times bestselling author of media tie-ins and original fiction under my own byline and have mentored a number of aspiring writers from rough draft to publication in genre magazines and with major publishers.

I work via the Internet, so distance is not an issue.

$50 / Hour or length-based fee to be negotiated.


Editing / Book Doctoring

Have you written a story, novel, or screenplay, think it’s almost there, know it needs a certain “something”, but aren’t sure what? Would you like to have it edited by a New York Times bestselling author?

In addition to writing both original fiction and media tie-ins under my own byline (you can look me up on Amazon), I have 10 years experience editing genre fiction and non-fiction.

Whether you need a rewrite, a heavy content edit, or line editing, I can do that.

$50 / Hour or length-based fee to be negotiated.