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Still celebrating last week’s release of the trade paperback edition of THE ANTIQUITIES HUNTER starring the inimitable Gina “Tinkerbell” Miyoko, private eye. Daughter of a retired police detective and a Russian-American professor of folklore, Gina rides a Harley named Boris, packs a titanium blue Taurus Magnum, and has a lucky charm for every occasion.

THE ANTIQUITIES HUNTER (Pegasus Crime) tells of her first major case in which she joins forces with her National Park Service agent friend to thwart thieves of black market antiquities. You can get your trade paperback copy from Amazon or Barnes & Noble or a bookstore near you or you can get the eBook from all the usual suspects. The hardback release is also still available for those of you who like the fashion statement of a hard cover in a lovely dust jacket.

Over in Book View Cafe’s online bookstore, the prequel novelette, “Tinkerbell on Walkabout” is on sale for $1.99 if you purchase it directly from

“I’m still being followed.” Those were the first words out of Rose’s mouth when I reached her on her cell phone.

“Our reporter-archaeologist friend?”

“If it is, he’s changed cars. This one is a metallic green Chrysler LeBaron.”

I felt a shiver run through me at the mention of LeBarons. My last encounter with one did not conjure pleasant associations, mostly because I’d found a body in the trunk. I reflexively reached for my lucky Caddie wire, which was sticking jauntily out of my pencil cup. “Well, like you said—his cover was blown, so I suppose he might have changed vehicles. When did you notice this?”

“This morning, when I drove to the courthouse for the pretrial deposition with the Blankenships’ defense team. Listen, Tink, this guy—whoever he is—is a little more aggressive than our professor. I mean, maybe it is him, but . . .”

“What do you mean ‘more aggressive’?”

“I mean, pacing me in the left lane, pulling up, then dropping back, tailgating. Weird stuff.”

More shivers. “Close enough to get a look at?”

“Except for the smoked windows, yeah. All I can see is a silhouette with shades.”

“Where are you, Rose?”

“I’m still at the courthouse. I called Ellen Robb and told her about it. Tink, this has really got me spooked. I mean, the timing and everything. I’m supposed to go back down to Albuquerque for the trial in five weeks.”

“And you think someone is trying to dissuade you from doing that?”

“That’s what Ellen thinks. Listen, can you meet me at the NPS offices in about half an hour?”

“I’ll do better than that,” I told her. “I’ll meet you at the courthouse in ten minutes and escort you there.”

“Woo-woo!” she said gamely. “A one-Harley motorcade.”

“Don’t diss Boris. One Harley is better than half a dozen lesser machines.”

I sounded flip, but I was seriously worried.”

Excerpt From: Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff, The Antiquities Hunter

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