Book Quote Wednesday!


It’s Book Quote Wednesday, y’all!

It was a struggle not to roll my eyes. “Day in the life? Habits? And for that, you scare a woman into hiring a bodyguard?”

His brows ascended. “Bodyguard? Are you speaking of yourself . . . or the dog?”

As if knowing he had been mentioned, Hoho chuffed and wagged his tail harder.

Okay, now I wanted to help Rose punch this guy in the face whether he was telling the truth or not. “I’m a licensed private detective,” I said quietly. “The pretty blue gun is not just for show. I actually know how to use it.”

He gave me a direct look. “I have no doubt of that.”

Excerpt From: Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff’s “The Antiquities Hunter” in hardback and eBook from the usual suspects.

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