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I just put the final (draft) period on the novelization of ARCHANGEL: ASCENSION, Book One of the Winter Chronicles. The book is based on a movie script written by Dave Di Pietro of ReelCoolEntertainment.

This is a steampunk series and has taken me to a world I have longed to visit. I’ve written steampunk short fiction—notably “The Accumulating Man”, which is the origin story for Book View Cafe’s SHADOW CONSPIRACY anthology series, and “Steel Seraph” which is a ripped from the headlines look at “UFOs” . . . Ripped from the headlines of 1896, that is. That story appears in the second Shadow Conspiracy anthology.

Archangel is a different sort of story—a steampunk superhero story set in what should be Victorian England, but isn’t quite because there’s also a bit of alternate history in Ascension. (Eee! You got alt-history in my steampunk superhero adventure!)

I wanted to drop some little tidbits about characters in the book and while it might make sense to start with Our Hero, that’s not where my mind is today because part of what I did this morning was to throw a spotlight on one of the other characters in the story. This guy, MacKenzie Graham. (Photos by Matthew Noonan.)

Kenzie is a pivotal character in the story, though I can’t tell you why, because spoilers. Kenzie can’t tell you why, either, because it’s as big a secret to him as it is to everyone around him.

Well, now. I hope that has been sufficiently ambiguous to make you wonder, who is this Kenzie Graham? And how can I find out? I will write about Our Hero, I promise.

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  1. Hello Maya,

    Long time out of touch. Never forgot about you. Honestly, don’t follow your work in a literary field. Sometimes notice your comments in Facebook. Always were wondering why don’t you write non-fiction. A woman with your knowledge and intellect! That always remained a puzzle to me.
    I, on the other hand, dismissed my quest to become the messiah. Retired and a little tired, I began to write short stories. The reason I write to you is my desire to write about our long dialogues-conversations to make it into a book. I’d like to get your permission for that. Of course, I will change the names and will not expose you as a real person.
    Hope to get OK.


    PS. Realize this forum might be quite inappropriate, but couldn’t find your proper email, address.

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