Mystery Scene Magazine Reviews THE ANTIQUITIES HUNTER!


Mystery Scene Magazine Reviews THE ANTIQUITIES HUNTER!

This one I didn’t see coming. It just appeared in my Twitter feed this morning and is a lovely, lovely review. I went to their website and discovered a magazine that I would love to read.

The review begins:

California-based private investigator Gina “Tinkerbell” Miyoko is a powerhouse personality in a petite package. I have to give author Maya Bohnhoff credit for populating her book with some of the most inventive fictional names I’ve ever read. Gina’s Russian-American mom is Nadia Eliska Arkhangelski Miyoko (quite a mouthful), and a mysterious Mexican archeologist goes by Cruz Sacramento Vargas. But don’t worry, those names don’t slow down the fast pace of her debut mystery, The Antiquities Hunter.

But wait, there’s more!

Thanks, Mystery Scene!

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