Nineteen Book View Café authors celebrate women who persist through tales of triumph—in the past, present, future, and other worlds.

Available in print and ebook.





With fabulous authors like: Mindy Klasky Vonda N McIntyre Marie Brennan Leah Cutter Deborah J. RossMarissa Doyle Pati Nagle Gillian Polack Sara Stamey Katharine Eliska Kimbriel Brenda W. Clough Phyllis Irene Radford Amy Sterling Casil Jennifer Stevenson Maya K. Bohnhoff Nancy Jane Moore Dave Smeds Doranna Durgin Judith Tarr you can’t go wrong!

My offering in this lovely anthology is a story entitled “If It Ain’t Broke…” It is a tale of the strange intersection of art and nano-tech and how one woman persists in the face of insurmountable bots.

And there’s merch! Buy the tote bag, the coffee mug, the T-shirt! Support your local (and vocal) writers.


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