“This is…” a Photo Journal


I was poring over my cache of photos and images this morning and decided that I’d like to share them with y’all (in my opinion, the single most useful word concatenation in the universe) in a sort of photo journal. I’d love for it to be a daily photo journal but the chances of me doing something on a daily basis besides waking up eventually and drinking a cup of coffee (or two) are slim and none and, as a new writing collaborator put it, slim just left town.

So, here is the first “This is…”

This is … a tattoo worn discreetly upon the person of Gina Suzu Myoko (aka Tinkerbell), the young female detective displayed here on the cover of her debut novelette, Tinkerbell on WalkaboutIt’s a design that celebrates her religious and spiritual heritage. Yes, that is a Buddha and, yes, he is indeed seated at the heart of a lotus situated in the center of a Russian Orthodox cross.

There is a reason for this juxtaposition of Buddhism and its younger sibling, Christianity. Gina’s mother, Nadezhda Miyoko (a professor of Eastern European folklore at SFSU) is Russian Orthodox. Gina’s father, Ed Miyoko (a retired SFPD officer) is Buddhist. He is also the chairman of a Sherlock Holmes appreciation society, but that’s a story for another day.

I am not telling where the tattoo is situated. You’ll have to wait until the first Tinkerbell novel is published. No, I haven’t yet found a publisher. But I hope to continue to release Gina Miyoko mystery short fiction through Book View Cafe while I wait with patience and faith in my delightful agent.



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