Feast or Famine is a phrase that describes this writer’s life a bit too perfectly. Right now, I’m at a feast. A cornucopia of rich goodies—like literary chicken makhini, kung pao bean curd, cottage pie and curry.

I’ve got multiple fiction projects on my metaphorical plate, as well as enough blog opportunities to give me a sugar rush.

What am I working on right now? I’m glad you asked, imaginary fanboy or girl.

  • I have just begun a fascinating collaboration with a first-time writer on a supernatural thriller.
  • I’m doing prep work for a science fiction short story I’ve been wanting to write for a long time that’s based on (gasp!) hard science.
  • I’m continuing work on a the first book of a fantasy series centered around the Yin Yang Detective Agency.
  • I am coming up with way too many cases for Tinkerbell to solve (go to Book View Cafe or Amazon and search for Tinkerbell, if you’re curious), supernatural events for teenaged witch Sparrow Moreau to explore, and adversaries for Taco Del and his Douglas Fir to protect the Kingdom of Embarcadero from.

And of course I lead an active life as a ghost … writer. A ghost writer, not an actual ghost.


Then there are the blogs. There are just too many darned blogs! But hey, it all conspires to keep words flowing and that is my ideal state—basking, bathing, reveling in words. Yummy, yummy words.

Better than cottage pie.


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