If you’re one of those people who thinks eBooks are for über-nerds, who loves to hold a physical book in their hands, smell the paper, feel the glossy cover (ooh, shiny!), and delight in words that don’t disappear when batteries run low, you’ll be pleased to know that on December 9th, you will be able to buy both Books One and Two of my Mer Cycle trilogy in trade paperback.

Bohnhoff-TheMeri600x900That’s right, fantasy fans. Taminy, Book Two of the Mer Cycle will join the Crawford Award and Locus Best First Novel nominee, The Meri, in paperback release from Book View Cafe.

Books, as I’m sure you know, make lovely Christmas presents, Hanukkah gifts and even birthday and anniversary prezzies. Just imagine the face of your fantasy-loving loved ones when they open their gift bags to find magical treasures within.

Book Three—The Crystal Rose—will release in April.

Disclaimer: The Mer Cycle is guaranteed to be dragon, elf, rocket and Jedi free. No sugar, MSG or other additives. May cause heart palpitations and insomnia.

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