What is TRAJECTORIES? It’s a new anthology from Hydra Publications (no Avengers or Shield jokes) that contains stories by a variety of SF and F authors including me.

Where can you get it? Today was its Amazon release as a Kindle eBook. It will soon be out in print. I shall, of course, alert the media.

My entry in this anthology is a follow-up on the career of one of the characters from my second Analog story—”A Little Bit of an Eclipse”. The novelette “A Matter of Timing” features the storytelling chops of Sal Pal, intergalactic con man, who—for those of you who did not have a chance to read “Eclipse”—was last seen counting the money he made selling a certain asset of Our Dear Planet to an alien client.

Yeah, it’s that Bohnhoff woman again, destroying science fiction. You can read how I have connived to do this in my essay, “Science Fiction: You’re Doin’ It Wrong“, in the issue of Lightspeed magazine entitled Women Destroy Science Fiction.


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