ginas-cross_smShe’s 5’2″, gamine, and weighs eighty-nine pounds in a soggy trench coat. The nickname “Tinkerbell” has followed her from high school. She describes herself as a Russian Orthodox Buddhist. It’s hard to imagine her riding a Harley or packing a baby blue .357 Magnum. She does both. After a disastrous engagement and washing out of Police Academy, Gina Miyoko is on walkabout in Gold Rush country, looking for clues to her own future. What are the odds she’ll end up in the middle of a mystery deep in the heart of an obsessively neat junkyard?

Gina Suza Miyoko is the protagonist of a detective series I would LOVE to launch and for which I have already got thumbnail sketches and outlines for six or seven novels. This novelette, which releases on September 15 at Book View Cafe, is Gina’s genesis story.

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