Coming in July 2015!

On shelves now!

It’s the “grand opening” of Lucinda’s Pawnshop. The antiquary is in! 

Drop by and check out the magical items in the store . . . or simply purchase Devil’s Daughter—Lucinda’s Pawnshop, Book One. At your favorite local bookstore, or online from a variety of sources including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Powell’s.

The book features some very interesting artifacts that play important roles in the story: a pen, a pocket watch, a Book of Shadows alleged to have belonged to Morgan le Fay, a Qur’an annotated by one of the most brilliant men in pre-Renaissance medicine, astronomy, The_Bible_Worship_Backgroundphysics, and psychology.

Wondering how these things could possibly play a role in Lucifer’s plan to destroy humanity? Buy the book and you’ll find out. 🙂


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  1. I help Nancy at A-B keep her blog reasonably (come on be reasonable now) current. Some writers like to be notified if there is a word or two about them. Maya is among the featured writers for the next several months. Check the blog too. -foxtale

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