Sixteen Things


A while back there was this meme-thingie on the Interwebs in which you tagged someone and asked them to tell 16 random things, facts, habits, or goals about themselves.

I came across my list o’ things the other day and thought I’d share. So, without further ado, here are Sixteen Things About Maya You Probably Didn’t Want to Know.

1. I’m a Baha’i.

2. I’m married to a rock star (well, okay, he’s a seriously talented guitarist/songwriter/music producer who looks like a rock star and whose hair was longer than mine when we got married).

Image.aspx3. I love ships—both tall ships and classic ocean liners—and am fascinated by shipwrecks. One of my favorite books of all time is THE ONLY WAY TO CROSS, which is about said classic ocean liners. (I have a favorite ocean liner. She was the Normandie.)

4. I have three mind-bogglingly amazing children who are the best things I’ve ever done. Since I once thought I didn’t want children at all, this is a Big Deal to me. One is in middle school, one teaches middle school and one is in college.

5. My favorite color is the color of fire.

6. I am addicted to archaeology. Mummies rule!

7. I was torn between being a musician, a writer, an artist, and an archaeologist when I was growing up. I’m a musician and a writer and occasionally draw something so I guess I score 2.5 out of 4 ain’t bad.

8. I prefer to drive Volvos. I have owned four of them. Their names were Falda, Kelpie, Serenity and Selkie (who is sitting in my driveway this minute).

9. I was desperate to play the oboe when I was a kid, but they were too expensive, so I played clarinet.

maya_gafilkcloseup10. I play a Taylor guitar — a gorgeous jumbo curly maple named Clancy.

11. I LOVE the process of writing and get depressed when I finish a novel.

12. I LIKE writing Batman and Star Wars novels, so there!

13. The smell of Indian food and basmati rice makes me Snoopy dance.

14. I owned and trained horses when I was a teenager and actually enjoyed mucking out stalls.

15. Desserts I can’t resist: flan, creme brule and pumpkin anything

16. I think Cambridge, England and Hamburg, Germany are the two most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen.

Why sixteen things? Who knows. But there it is—totally random.

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