436a84050ebe7364f46159d4b1cd4d27_largeNot long ago, I was asked to write a prequel story for a new comic book series called Alt Control Delete. Somehow the story I wrote ended up possibly being the “origin story” for the series AND being used for one of the rewards for a contribution to the campaign that will allow the creators of ACD to go into business.

The story I wrote for the series anthology is entitled “Mindwyrm”. It’s a novelette, which means it’s over 7500 words long. A delightful length. One of my personal favorites.

The ACD team is also giving away a premier issue of the comic book, T-Shirts, posters, art cards—lovely, lovely swag. So, I’m trying to do my share to promote the campaign and the comic, which is described this way:

Set in a futuristic world where video games have evolved into a virtual reality professional sport. Technology and games permeate nearly every aspect of life in a culture that thrives on games and competition and a society where XP is currency. The prevalent philosophy of this society walks the border of trans-humanism: man and machine are beginning to merge, but not everyone is happy about it.

So, come on, comic book fans, check out the link:


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